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Awards Manual


From the desk of Award Committee Chairman

As I understand that with a view to inspire and encourage each of the Member Group/s have to undertake useful projects and programmes for the benefit of the community, that each Group serves round the clock during the year. We should have some persons to evaluate the service work. The Award Committee does this assignment judiciously & adjudges the best for the awards presented in the august gathering during Giants Welfare Foundation Annual Convention.

We for this purpose of evaluate under my Chairmanship, we are of the opinion that the Bids should be taken into only in to consideration. Bids shall be evaluated with criteria reference such as submission regularly like monthly Reports, membership growth,100% retention, Group Extension, Quarterly A/c submission and Annual audited Balance Sheet etc shall be added criteria. Our exercise on award bidding Group keeps your Group in race of competitions. All the Groups are required to follow basically administrative excellence as well as personal excellence viz.

1. Outstanding President / Chairperson Award
2. Outstanding Immediate Past President Award.
3. Outstanding Past President Award.
4. Outstanding Vice President’s Award
5. Outstanding Director of Administration Award.
6. Outstanding Director of Finance Award.
7. Outstanding Member Award.
8. Outstanding Lady Member Award.
9. Outstanding Group.
10. Outstanding New Group.

In addition to the above TEN Awards the Giants International has recognises following activities for award viz.
1. Outstanding Giants Service Week Celebration Award.
2. Outstanding Best Service Project Award.
3. Outstanding Service Activities Award.
4. Outstanding Monumental Project Award.
5. Outstanding Young Giants Activities Award.

In addition to the criteria published in the manual which will give you the guidelines to get hold of Award of Outstanding President. It is not only necessary but proper, that for becoming
In addition to the above Awards in the field of Administration and Success in consolidating
Federation Awards are as under:
1. Outstanding Federation President Award.
2 Outstanding Vice President Award.
3. Outstanding Federation Director Award.

– Er. Ashok R. Hukkeri
Member Central Committee & Chairman Award Committee, GWF
M; 9820881911; email: hukkerivaluer@gmail.com


1. Groups shall bid for an Award on a “prescribed specimen form” duly filled and completed in all respect together with enclosures, where necessary in support of the bid, in separate packets inscribing the name of the Group and
Award No. with title of Award.

2. Groups can bid for any number or all Awards, but not more than one in the same category.

3. For each Award, there is a different Award Bidding form. Specimens of forms are attached in this manual, which can be Xeroxed/photo copied.

4. The forms must be sent either by hand delivery or by registered post to our International Headquarters in an envelope / packet, duly marked as stated in” 1″ above.

5. The supporting documents of Award bids shall be attached to Award Bidding Form.

6. Each bid should be in separate envelope when claim is forwarded to HQ.

7. The Groups shall furnish further evidence / informations / Press Clippings / details and when called for by the panel of judges. [Enclose photograph should contain Banner of Group.

8. Giants International dues should have been paid before 31st March, but in the event of half yearly payment deadlines are 31st March & 30th September in that year.

9. Updated membership list be sent to “HQ”.

10. Eligibility for any Award shall be 20 members in Urban Areas and 15 Members in Rural Area, as Criteria.

11. Award bidding Groups should forward B.O.D. list of the Group for ensuing year.

12. Award Bids reaching Giants Welfare Foundation HQ as per deadlines but please note “late receipts” will not be considered.

13. The decision of the Award Committee shall be final.

DEADLINES (To be observed strictly)

1. Activities undertaken 45 days prior to date Giants Welfare Foundation
Convention shall be considered eligible for an Award.

2. The Award Bidding Forms, duly filled, must reach the Giants Welfare Foundation
Headquarters at least 25 days prior to the opening of the convention.



1. While it is readily understood that nobody joins ‘GIANTS’ merely to win Awards. The satisfaction of service well done is more than sufficient in itself. It is widely evident that recognition of outstanding service is the most important incentive that any one can receive for continued service activities and interest in any sphere.
2. The recognition at the Giants Welfare Foundation Annual Convention has a tremendous attraction of its own, and is essence of Competitive Awards, instituted with a view to maximum involvement of each Giants Member and the Group in the progress of the Giants movement.
3. Any Group which has functioned efficiently within the framework of the Giants International/ Federation constitution during the year, should bid for an award either for itself or an Office bearer or any individual member of the Group.
4. Given hereunder which are a few of the tests which the Group before bidding for an Award may apply itself to determine its eligibility.

a. Keeping the minutes of the Board meetings along with Notice.
b. Record of Monthly Meetings, Fellowship Meetings and Speaker Meetings with Notice and minutes.
c. Action photographs of the project / meetings consisting Group banner.
d. Carrying out group activities within the framework of Giants constitution.
e. Preparation of Annual Accounts.
f. Annual Calendar of Projects and Budget.
g. Record of properly planned and successfully implemented projects.
h. Public relation value of all the activities with record of publicity materials.
i. Reporting to Giants International / Federation regularly.
j. Dues Position with Giants International as on the date of bidding.
k. Whether “Nomination committee” is formed for selections, if needed, whether conducted.
l. Forwarding the list of B.O.D. and the Members as directed by Giants Welfare Foundation.
m. Bid in separate packets / envelopes with relevant documents and action photographs with banner.


For More Information & Forms, click here to DOWNLOAD AWARDS MANUAL