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Man by nature, is a social and political animal. He cannot live by bread alone. Like a child deprived of mothers handling, develops psychological and physical problems in an adult, like a solitary confinement being a punishment most severe, social interaction is an inevitable ingredient of civilized society.

After the search for food and shelter man yearns for recognition in the society he lives in. In a latter stage he seeks manifestation/realisation of the mission of his life. There he doesn’t think of the material returns and wok selflessly to pay back something to the society which developed him to the present status. Helping the needy, serving to eradicate the suffering of the downtrodden becomes prime importance to him. Its here he feels Giants provide a Universal platform where he can meet many thinking on the common cause and transform that thinking to action.

Those to whom life has been kind should not accept this good fortune as a matter of course, but it’s one’s duty to think continually of those who have been denied this privilege.

With this one thought in mind Giants International was formally launched in Bombay in 1972. An Active and Service Oriented group of individuals under the leadership of Shri Nana Chudasama got together to start a service organisation which would work towards the betterment of society and the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged, with the ultimate goal of blossoming into a truly International Service Organisation.

Giants International is India’s first International Service Organisation. The foundation and basis of this movement were the courage of conviction, moral leadership and intellectual intergrity of the Indian people in accepting Giants as an organisation which would work towards bettering world communities, deriving its strength from compassion and virtue to always bring good cheer and hope in the community.

What GIANTS stands for ?

Each letter is significant in the word ‘G I A N T S’. It is an acronym and stands for Generosity, Integrity, Action, Nobility, Truthfulness and Service. these qualities are manifestations of good solid citizenship. Each member of the organisation is expected to live up to these ideals.

GIANTS movement provides its members an ideology base and organisation platform to enable citizens to play their role for community welfare. Every good citizen wishes to do some useful social services. Giants translate that wish into will.

Every citizen has a responsibility to contribute and do something which goes beyond the welfare and happiness of his own family. Our member makes a commitment that with Generosity in his heart and with Integrity as his guide, he shall carry out his Actions and with Nobility in his heart and Truth as his guide he shall do service that he shall be G I A N T S.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote unity. Harmony, homogeneity and self-discipline among the members through the bonds of friendship and fellowship.
  • To promote high ethical standards in business and professions.
  • To create greater awareness among business and professionals about their responsibilities and obligations towards the community and the country.
  • To apply the ideal of service to the community and national life.
  • To encourage the advancement of International understanding, goodwill and peace through the spirit of co- operation.
  • To practice the principles of good citizenship through active participation in the civic, social and economic life of the community.
  • GIANTS strives to achieve much more than this it is a new way of life with its members.