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Membership – Start a GIANTS group

Who can be a member?
Any person 18 years of age and above and engaged in recognised business profession or social work, irrespective of sex, colour, creed or race can become a member of this organisation. It is specifically noted that in Giants the ladies have full fledged membership and participation in the working of the organisation.


Download membership form here


You can start a GIANTS group by

  • Sending the Proposal to the Federation President or any other officer, or president of the any Giants group operating in the area near you.
  • informing and talking to your friends, relatives and acquaintances regarding Giants movement and decide about the follow-up action.
  • preparing a list of ateast 25 potential and proposed members and calling a pre-inaugural meeting.
  • obtaining and adopting the Group constitution. ( As per the copy of Standard constitution formed for Giants Groups, by Giants International)
  • electing the office bearers for the Group thus, The President, two Vice-Presidents, the Director of Administration (Secretary), the Director of finance plus five members of the Board of directors

The Financial Structure

Upon your prima-facie decision to set up Giants Group, the resolution to open the Bank account in the name of the proposed Group will be passed. The entrance fees and annual fees to Giants International will be as under:

    • Entrance Fees, for New Member Rs. 300/- per person one time payment.
    • Subscription Fees, for Member Rs. 700/- per person per year.
    • Entrance Fees, Rs. 50/- per person one time payment
    • Rs. 250/- as yearly Recognition Fees
    • US$10 as Entrance Fees, per person one time payment
    • US$20 as Annual GIANTS International Dues per person per year
    • 15 Members for GIANTS Group in Rural area having population of 10,000.
    • 25 Members for GIANTS Group in Urban area having population above 10,000.
  5. The Giants Group is supposed to have at least one meeting every month either over a lunch or a dinner. So the cost of food etc. and the administration expenses per year or half year will be raised by the group as per their independent resolution to that effect.

Account Name: GIANTS International Admn. A/c.
Account No: 03940200000434
Name of the Bank & Address: Bank of Baroda, Gamdevi Branch, Mumbai – 400 007.

The membership fees for the Group, along with the amount of dues to be remitted to Giants International, will be deposited in the Bank Account.

The Orientation

Upon completion of the above, the concerned Giants Federation will be invited by the Group to depute the Federation officer to conduct the Orientation meeting for the benefit of all the members of the Group. The following agenda will be transacted in the Orientation Meeting.

  1. Welcome address by the President of the sponsoring Group.
  2. Self introduction of all the members.
  3. Brief introductory history of the Organisation
  4. Need for Orientation
  5. Effectively convey the fact that “Giants” is a Service Organisation and NOT a club
  6. To show and make aware of the Organisation Chart of a Group, Federation and Giants International.
  7. Duties of the members, directors and Office bearers
  8. Appointments of Administrative and Activity committees and outlining their functions
  9. Projects and Programmes ( To give suitable examples of a few, accomplished by other groups)
  10. To convey the impoertance of participating in Unit Council Meetings. Unit Conference, Annual Convention etc. and thereby clarifying of every Giants Group in the entire organisation set-up of Giants International
  11. Question and answer session. The Orientation Meeting of the Group is normally conducted by the concerned Federation Vice-President or, in his absence any senior office bearer of the Federation/International. The officer who conducts the Orientation meeting, will give the Certificate of Orientation in the following format below

Orientation Certificate

I hereby certify that I have conducted Orientation course for the President-elect, the Board of directors elected and the members of the Proposed new Group, known as Giants Group of ………………………………. and Besides the ………………………………………. founder members attended the Orientation course.

Date ………………………….
Signature ……………………………….

Issue of the Charter and Inauguration

After successful completion of the Orientation, the Charter will be issued by Giants International, upon fulfillment of the following:

  1. Remittance of the entrance and membership fees of minimum 20 members @ Rs. 300/-. Entrance Fees plus Rs. 700/- Annual Fees per member
  2. A list of the named and addresses of the members (2 copies) for whom the entrance and membership fees are remitted
  3. Names, addresses and telephone/fax numbers/email addresses of the office bearers and members of the Board of Directors, along with their designation. (In triplicate) with a passport size photograph
  4. Copy of Standard Constitution duly adopted and so certified by the President designate and the Director of Administration designate.
  5. Biodate of the President elect, along with his recent passport size photograph.
  6. Certificate as per format from the aFederation Officer who conducted the Orientation Meeting.

After the Charter if issued, Giants International will grant the permission to inaugurate the Group.

Preparations for inauguration function of the new group

  1. To fix up the date, time and venue of the inaugural function in consultation with the sponsoring Group, Federation Vice President, Federation Director Unit and other dignitaries to be invited.
    In any case, the date of inauguration of the Group has to be after 15 days but within one month from the date of the Charter.
  2. To finalise the names of Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and Installation Officer (normally Federation Vice-President or Federation Director Unit).
  3. To print the invitation cards and distribute them as early as possible leaving sufficient time for the invitees to adjust their engagements accordingly. Prominent citizens, media and press of the area/town/city must also be invited.
  4. To check-up with Chief Guest, Guest of honour and Installation Officer about their expected time of arrival before the date of inauguration.
  5. The Giants logo is printed in Red colour only if the printing is to be carried out in one colour. In case of logo to be printed in two colours, the colour of the world in the logo shall be Golden or Gold foiled.

Agenda for inaugural function

  1. Dignitaries called to dais one by one as per protocol
  2. Meeting called to order by the President of the sponsoring Group
  3. Lighting of lamp by Chief Guest
  4. Recitation of the Prayer
  5. Welcome address by President of the sponsoring Group
  6. Introduction of dignitaries and recognition of the presence of other visiting personalities
  7. Handing over of Charter and allotment of the group to a unit by Federation President or a Giants dignitary present
  8. Inauguration of the Group by the Chief Guest
  9. Administration of oath and presentation of membership kits to all members
  10. Installation of Board of Directors, Office Bearers and President
  11. Acceptance speech by the President of the new Group
  12. Felicitations of the New President by dignitaries and others
  13. Address by the Giants dignitaries
  14. Address by the Chief Guest
  15. Presentation of mementos/flower bouquets
  16. Inaugural service project, if any
  17. Vote of thanks

Sittings arrangements on the dais

  1. President of the sponsoring group to occupy the chair in the center.
  2. The Chief Guest to be on the right and senior Giants dignitary to be on the left of the sponsoring group president.
  3. The other office bearers from the Giants will sit next to the Chief Guest, while all other dignitaries present, will be next to the senior Giants dignitary.
  4. On the left to the Giants dignitary, the President designate will sit.

Please ensure that the number of chairs arranged on the dais are odd in number so that the presidential Chair invariably remains in the center.

Note: Back Drop banner of the sponsoring group to be placed behind the chairman-Host Group President whereas the banner of the new group should be kept folded in such a manner that by pulling the string, the banner should get unfolded. THe New Group will thus be inaugurated.

To Members of New Group

On being inducted, every member of new group is presented with a kit from Giants International. This kit consists of :

  1. Membership Certificate
  2. Lapel Pin
  3. Car Sticker/Scooter Sticker
  4. Prayer Sheet
  5. Know the Giants
  6. Giants Newsletter
  7. Copy of the Constitution

It is expected of every member to exhibit the Lapel Pin on his/her personal attire at all times so that the public will know that he/she is a Giants member who can render Services to them. The Certificate of Membership be displayed in the place of business or residence prominently. Sticker to be exhibited on car/scooter of the member. The Prayer on the book-mark should be recited daily so that the spirit of Giants is inculcated thoroughly.

For further assitance and guidance, the Unit, the sponsoring group or the Giants International Office may be contacted.


To be taken by member

I solemnly promise that I shall respect and abide by the constitution and prayer of the Giants in its form and spirit. I commit my-self that with Generosity in my heart and Integrity as my guid I shall carry out my Actions. With Nobility and Truth I shall do Service that I shall be Giants.

Oath to be taken by Group Officers
I Accept to be the board member of Giants Group of ……………………………….
I promise that I shall carry out my duties and responsibilities as board member. I pledge my allegiance to the Giants constitution and prayer and its affiliation to the Giants International. I undertake that I shall actively assist the President, and along with other members of the board shall collectively work towards achieving the aims and objects of the organisation and its goals of the year.
I shall endeavour to promote fellowship amongst the members of this Group and shall keep them devoted to the Giants movement.

Oath to be taken by the Group President

I accept to be the President of Giants Group of …………………………………………..
I promise that I shall carry out my duties and responsibilities as President. I pledge my allegiance to the constitution and prayer of the Giants International. I undertake to strive my best towards achieving the aims and objects of this organisation, and its goals of the year. I shall do my best in ever respect to guide the working of this Group and its progress and development.
I shall endeavour to promote fellowship amongst the members of this Group and shall keep them devoted to the Giants movement.