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On 17th of September Giants Day is celebrated and we remember to recognize achievement in various fields say like

  • Medicine
  • Selfless service to the poor
  • Success in business
  • Milestone achieved in profession /carrier
  • Excellence in acting
  • Sports & games
  • Excellence in art & cultural activities
  • Education

 Giants award today has become a treasure to possess and is a symbol of respect.  The galaxy of achievers include 

  • Amithabh Bachan                                        9.   Dr. Homi Sethna

  • Mother Theresa                                          10.  Nani Palkiwala

  • Dr. Valiyathan                                             11.  Dilip Kumar

  • Pandurange Shasthri Adavle                     12.  R.K Lakshman

  • Maduri Dixit                                                13.  Sunil Gavasker

  • Adi Godrej                                                  14.  Lata Mangeshkar

  • Ratan Tata                                                 15.  Aditya Birla

  • Field Marshal Manekshah                          16.  Kumara Mangalam Birla

September 17 Giants Day function is looked upon as a get together of the who is who in various fields.








Awards within Giants

Awards and recognition is a major event of  the International convention. We recognize our members for their excellence in performance  in various  levels  starting from group – Unit, Federation and International.

 Best President                                          Best Project
Best Group                                               Best Member
Outstanding DA etc.