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Padmashree Nana Chudasama - World Chairman

Padmashree Nana Chudasama


Giants International is in the right direction.  This website is todays requirement as it will open the door to the world outside.  It will help all our members especially for better communication.  Any body from any part of the world can now know about us, contact us very easily and conveniently

…..Nana Chudasama









Shaina NC
World Chairperson



On 16th September 2015, my father, highly respected Sri. Nana Chudasama , made the announcement that he will hereby relinquish and Shaina NC, his daughter, will take over as ‘The World Chairperson’ of ‘Giants International’.

Giants International has grown up over the years to more than 25000 members through 600 groups spread the world over. I am humbled and it is a great honour for me to be nominated and elevated to the highest echelons of the Giants hierarchy. I am thankful to him and you all who have built up Giants as an NGO of notable presence in India and in many other parts of the world. The challenge before me is to live up to your expectations of being an illustrious daughter of an illustrious father.

I am confident that I will adhere to the lofty principles that Giants stand for , make it dynamic and vibrant to achieve sustainable growth in quality and quantity.

Loka Samastha

Sukhino Bhavanthu

Let happiness prevail the world over !

Together we will work for the betterment of the less fortunate brethren, empowerment of women, molding youth to be responsible citizens, planting of more trees against global warming, propagating ‘Yoga’ for world health, extending a helping hand in calamities – all will be our priorities.

These all and more is possible when we work as a team asnd I am sure you will extend all cooperation.

Innovation and Service above Self will be our motto.

Giants have been the first to contribute with cash and kind in times of natural and other calamities. The Latur and Bhuj earthquakes, the Tsunami floods, terrorist attacks, or Kargill; where our members went personally with medical help and relief for the victims.
All this happened not neglecting regular projects which our groups conduct all over our country and abroad throughout the year. In the field of Water Harvesting and Conservation, Family Planning, Save the Girl Child’ Environment, Health care and more, we have never lagged behind.
I take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting my father, Shri Nana Chudasama, the World Chairman who is fully committed to serve our country and humanity at large and motivate all of you to join him. His strength is your support.

Let us mull over these thoughts which have been expressed by eminent personalities…
“Some are born strong so that they can help the weak”
“Life becomes worth living when you care about others, dare for others and share with others”
“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die”

Together we will take the organization to greater heights and across the length and breadth of the globe.
Communication may make our world seem a smaller place but there are still too many who are vulnerable, homeless, starving and without hope. With your help and dedication I am sure we can alleviate their plight. Do not let us fail to try.

I will take time out of my schedule to make myself available at the Giants office from 11am to 12noon, Monday to Saturday.
Please feel free to contact me with all your suggestions, guidance and feedback to strengthen the organization further.

You may call me directly on
9820436706 or through Mr. Virendra Aiyer, Manager Giants International on
23679698 or Mrs. Shaheeda on

…..Shaina NC 
World Chairperson


Upendra menon


Dear Fellow Giants,

Our website www.giantsinternational.org is on the threshold of changes and developments. We are growing and growth is development.
Did you notice homepage? There is a message of giants. global warming,water conservation,save girl child,tree plantation etc.

Reporting you have already started through website.
We assure you something better. Its tedious and expensive process but we will try to rise up to be one among the best.
This is happening because of encouragement and support from
Our leaders.
Lets us be with them especially Shaina is in the arena with a major task

Your suggestions are welcome.

Upendra menon
Central committee member Giants international.