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Nana Chudasama – 17 Jun 1933 ~ 23 Dec 2018

To our leader, mentor, friend and guide to major prime part of our life we bid farewell. We assure we will continue the mission UPLIFTING THE DOWNTRODDEN. With SHAINA, we are safe we are strong WE WILL FORGE AHEAD.

Remember former central minister Renuka Choudhary once mentioned–

Nana the Conscience keeper of the Nation. NO NO…. She corrected– Conscience keeper of the World.

Yes! that is Nana !!

with great regards and respects,

Upendra Menon, Giants.

What some eminent personalities say…

In 2005, the former two-term sheriff was conferred the Padma Shri for his work in the social sector. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said,

His works and contribution for a clean and green Mumbai, and also in various rehabilitation initiatives will forever be remembered.

Author Shobha De, who is known to be close to Chudasama’s family, summed it up. “He represented the spirit of Mumbai, which is secular and liberal in true sense.” Recounting some of the social endeavours that Giants International had spearheaded under Chudasama’s stewardship, she said,

“The kind of work his volunteers would discharge during national and state calamities and emergencies was exemplary.” She also recounted how Chudasama had won hearts initiating the I Love Mumbai and cleanliness campaigns. “This was much before the Swachh Bharat mission began.”

Both Fadnavis and De praised Chudasama’s oratory skills.

“Nana was outspoken. He didn’t spare anybody (during functions he would organise) in his speeches. Even if the chief guest was the chief minister, it was his speech that everyone looked forward to,” said De.

Fadnavis said,

“His witty two-line banners on Marine Drive illustrated his oratory skills and social awareness the most.”

Former Union minister and NCP chief Sharad Pawar also praised Chudasama’s contribution to public life.

“His service to the society through social work was exemplary,” he said.

The former sheriff was also known to champion conservation of heritage buildings. In fact, through his I Love Mumbai platform, he had taken up projects for the upkeep and illumination of Rajabai Tower, Asiatic Library and Wilson College, among others

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