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Mr P.C. Joshi

  • Started practice as Sales Tax & Income Tax Practitioner in 1959 and enrolled as an advocate in 1962. Since then in profession specializing in Indirect taxes like Sales Tax, Service Tax, Entry Tax & Luxury Tax etc.
  • Happily married with Mrudula and blessed with daughter Ushma and son Tushar. Grandfather for four grandchildren.
  • In 1985 formed a new Group – Giants Group C.P. Tank and in 1991 was elected the Federation President of Federation I of India covering half of the country.
  • Presently he is Deputy World Chairman of Giants International and trustee of its Charitable Trust.
  • Has been the President of all prominent professional bodies in Mumbai, like Sales Tax Practitioners’ Association of Maharashtra, Sales Tax Tribunal Bar Association, All India Federation of Tax Practitioners and Chamber of Income Tax Consultants.
  • Honoured as ‘Man of the Millenium’ at the National Convention of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (AIFTP) in 1999 and Legend of AIFTP in 2011.
  • Adjudged as ‘Best Speaker’ of the study circle meetings organised by the Sales Tax Practitioners’ Association of Maharashtra.
  • In May 2004 was invited by the ‘Law Society of England and Wales’ as a speaker on VAT. He is the First Indian Advocate to receive such invitation. Thereafter he attended the International Conferences at Paris (France), Lucern (Switzerland) & Frankfurt (Germany) and Mauritius.
  • In November 2005 represented AIFTP at the International conference at
    Manila (Philippines) whereat he was honoured by the internationally known Journal ‘Newsweek’ by publishing his photograph on the front cover page of the special edition covering the proceedings of the Manila conference.
  • In 2007 addressed international conference at Washington and New York – USA; thereafter he visited Singapore, Thailand, Shanghai, Hongkong and Indonesia for similar conferences
  • Has been an editor of ‘Sales Tax Review’ and ‘Income Tax Review’.
  • Known for his dedication, perseverance, sharp intelligence and original
  • Has contributed number of papers on Sales Tax, acted as Chairman of various seminars on Sales Tax and delivered lectures on Sales Tax all over India.
  • Always sought for by professionals and their organisations from all parts of the country for participation at any of their educational programmes.
  • He is the retainer Advocate in Sales Tax matters for several Corporate and local authorities. Represent them before Tribunals and High Courts out and the country.
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